Property Purchasing in Turkey

At the beginning we advice you don’t pay any money till you come to turkey first and see the project or the apartment you want to buy

During your visit to turkey to buy property :

– At the first arrange time to your visit to turkey and the city where you want to buy a property and after that see more than one project to can make good comparison between projects but in the first concentrate on choosing location because good investment depends on good location, that’s why we advice you to choose projects which close to airports and also national project which already exist or the others which government establish it like old or new metro stations and also international hotels.

Property contract :

The contract include all information about property even its inside compound or in individual building and also all information about buyer and seller or construction company for example passport number and payment plan etc.

Terms of payment :

When you take decision about property in the first you pay deposit for example 1000 dollars and specify time to complete the down payment or total amount as the agreement and for sure all this information written in the contract

Finishing title deed steps ( TABU ) :

You should bring some documents during sign tabu for example :
– Passport translated from notary
– TAX ID number , we help you in getting it from tax office
– 2 personal photograph pictures

After giving this documents seller changing the ownership to buyer in tabu and cadastro general directorate
But in case in buying apartment with installments inside compound you sign the contract with contraction company and you also can easily register this contract in notary and after you finish your installments you can easily get the TABU

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