“Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we never fail to exceed the customer’s expectations!”
ELITTC Company
Istanbul Office

Company overview

Elite TC was founded in the first months of 2014, and Elite is a real estate company that is distinguished by the selection of real estate projects to achieve the living and investment objectives of the client professionally.

Our strategy

A new concept in the investment of land, apartments and villas through the selection of project sites accurately to achieve demand in the internal market, on the basis of a deep study of the regions of Turkey in general and the city of Istanbul in particular, review and study real estate investment at present and prospects for the development of geographical properties over the next 10 years to provide customers opportunities Profitability in real estate investment whether in land or residential apartments with the most appropriate local market prices.

Our vision

Providing exclusive real estate services, covering Turkish cities targeted by customers. The interests of our customers always come first.